Thursday, December 28, 2006

Menu Plan - January

Mon 1st Laksa with Tofu Nuggets

Tue 2nd Tuna Pasta Bake

Wed 3rd Vegetarian Couscous

Thu 4th Chicken Parcels

Fri 5th Fritatta

Sat 6th Lentil Burgers

Sun 7th Roast Chicken

Mon 8th Spaghetti/Lasagne

Tue 9th Fish Parcels

Wed 10th Enchiladas

Thu 11th Chicken Chowder

Fri 12th Risotto

Sat 13th Eric's Party - Potluck

Sun 14th Nachos

Mon 15th Laksa with Tofu Nuggets

Tue 16th Salmon Pot Pie

Wed 17th Enchiladas

Thu 18th Chicken Parcels

Fri 19th Frittata

Sat 20th My birthday - NOT COOKING!!!!!

Sun 21st Roast Chicken

Mon 22nd Spaghetti

Tue 23rd Chicken Pot Pie

Wed 24th Enchiladas

Thu 25th Fish Chowder

Fri 26th Risotto

Sat 27th Lentil Burgers

Sun 28th Butter Chicken

Mon 29th Nachos

Tue 30th Fish? baked with toppings?

Wed 31st Egg and Bacon Quiche

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