Monday, October 08, 2007

Easy Meals

Things in cupboard/freezer:
Butter chicken sauce x 2 (need diced chicken x 2)
Rogan Josh (need diced lamb)
Laksa (need meat, tofu or nuts, and noodles)
Pita pizzas (need salami/ham in freezer)
Frozen chicken x 1
Fish fillets

Things to buy and freeze in meal sizes:
Greenhills beef order (split with mum and dad)
Ham hock (for pea and ham soup)
Noodles for stir-fry, laksa
Shredded ham, sliced salami

Things to buy for the cupboard:
Stir-fry in a can

Things to cook and freeze:
Mexican Beans
Spaghetti sauce, veg and meat (freeze as is and as lasagne)
Pumpkin Soup [made 1 batch 11/10]
Dhal [made 1 batch 11/10]

Kidney beans, chickpeas and lentils for easy meal bases

Cakes and biscuits

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