Saturday, May 31, 2008

Meat! Cooked!

I asked my Beloved what he wanted for dinner, and his answer was the above. Sending him out to the freezer to see whether we did in fact have any meat! which could be cooked! revealed a package of mince but no further inspiration, so I googled for recipes. For some reason, I liked the sound of "hotpot" so I added that to the search term. After one or two false starts I found this recipe: Prater Pie (otherwise known as an authentic Lancashire 'Ot Pot - look for the recipe added by Barbara about halfway down the page). Since I am not daft, and had half a red cabbage waiting in the refrigerator for this very recipe, I took her advice and accompanied it with Pickled Red Cabbage and Apple. And lo, it was very bloody good.

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