Monday, September 27, 2010


I've been instituting some changes lately in my eating, with the realisation that I really do not cope well with the level of carbs we have been eating. Making the initial attempt at having the occasional low-carb meal, and trying to stop relying on bread for breakfast and bread for lunch, had such an obvious effect that it's encouraged me to move towards a broader implementation. Since I don't do dietary extremism, my current personal take on "low carb" is not enormously rigorous, with a focus instead on cutting out most processed flour and sugar, as well as potatoes, pasta and rice. I refuse to cut out bread completely (been there done that when I developed a yeast intolerance years ago, and it was a hellish 6 months I have no wish to repeat), but I have switched to eating much less of the low-GI Burgen version, which seems to work for me.

It does mean that we're now eating more meat, because even though I have no intention of cutting out legumes, I'm finding it hard to find vego recipes which don't have a noticeable effect on my blood sugar. I'm hoping that after a while I can tolerate more of it, but for at least a while I expect this blog will be rather less vegetarian-friendly than it has been - sorry!

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